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Windows Live Messenger is the next-generation MSN Messenger. With Windows Live Messenger you can chat online instantly in real time with your friends, family and colleagues. It's faster than e-mail, more discreet than a phone call.
Windows Live Messenger lets you chat online via text, voice or even video conversation. Set up a Sharing Folder with a friend. Drop in photos and other stuff, as many as your computer can handle. See your Sharing Folder even when one of you is offline.
With Windows Live Messenger you can now connect with your Yahoo! IM contacts. Friends have moved away, you have internet and a computer, how would you like a cheaper way to keep in touch with the ones you love. Well then I have a program for you, Windows Live Messenger. This new form of Windows Messenger which came preinstalled with your Windows XP has a lot of interesting new features.

You can send pictures or basically any file you want, all inside the Messenger. You can even see what you have shared whether your friend is online or not, in a special shared folder. When the program is first installed a “My Sharing Folder” will also show up in your documents. This is a short cut link to the “My Sharing Folder” in your “My Computer Folder”.

You can chat with your friends on both Yahoo and Windows Messenger. You have such great features as Live Video Conferencing, which means you and the person you are talking to have your webcams turned on during your chat.

When deciding on using the Windows Live Messenger you will need the following minimum requirements on your pre- installed on your PC:

  • Multimedia PC Pentium 233 MHz process
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • Minimum 128 MB of RAM
  • 50 MB of hard disk space for installation, and 15 MB to run the program
  • Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
With the Windows Live Messenger you can call your friends Cell Phones and their PCs, all from your instant messenger and in case you already knew this, did you also know that you can even call their Home Phone, I didn‘t. Sending text messages to their cell phone is as simple as clicking on the cell phone icon next to their name in the messenger list.

There are other great features as well, such as emoticons, personals and so much more. With Windows Live Alerts keeping you up to date with headlines, sports scores, traffic, or just about anything else you want to keep up with, all set to your preferences. You will get a pop-up notification as the current event happen.
If you have a microphone hooked up to your computer you can have voice conversation, whether it is for business or personal. When you call their PC, cell phone, or home phone you will be using the Microphone installed on your computer. Remember the live video conferencing I mentioned before, well to get the full screen effect you need to make sure your computer screen resolution is set to 640x480.
Another great feature is how the Windows Live Messenger now updates its address book any time your contacts change their information. When this happens you will notice your mail address book updating with it as well.

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